Our Company

Quality Products

All of our products are FDA registered, Vegan & Cruelty free.

Innovative Thinking

We listen to our customers and Ambassadors, and we’re always looking to give them the next great thing.

Problem Solvers

If something is not working, we’ll fix it. We’re always improving and restructuring when necessary to ensure our customer have the best products and service.

Customer Support

We’re here for our customers. We want to hear feedback and help our them in any way we can.

Our Story

Snapwhite provides consumer-direct teeth whitening & beauty products. Snapwhite is owned by Beaming White, a teeth whitening manufacturing company in Vancouver, WA. All Beaming White company products are registered with the FDA, vegan, and cruelty-free.

Snapwhite works with numerous beauty, makeup and fashion icons via social media. Our mission is to offer customers a brighter smile and improved confidence and self-esteem. Our whitening products are perfect for people with coffee, wine or nicotine stains on their teeth, or anyone looking for a brighter smile.