What’s the Word on Snapwhite?

See what some social media beauty icons are saying about their experience with our products!

Rhian HY (Wifelife)

After using SnapWhite, “I asked my dentist during my last checkup, ‘can your whitening stuff that you use here get my teeth whiter?’ and he said no. Then he even matched my teeth up to the whitest shade on his teeth shade wheel to prove his point.”

Matt Sarafa


“I love SnapWhite. I’ve used so many other brands but this is the one that gets my teeth the whitest with the least amount of sensitivity…And I have to say their social media team and their customer service; super sweet and super nice!”­‏‎

Katie (Brynnlynn Beauty)

“This is like the best invention ever and I love Snapwhite because I cannot tell you how much whiter this has made my teeth. This is amazing.”

Tashina Combs 
(Logical Harmony)

“I am hooked on Snapwhite. I think it’s an awesome product…They have an awesome customer service team and awesome social team.”

Roxetta Arisa

“Honestly, there were immediate results. After the first day using this [pen] the bases of my teeth were immediately whiter, and it only takes 5 minutes, which is awesome!”

Leticia (LoveLeticia)

It’s ethical. It’s vegan, cruelty-free and all that good stuff. It’s Logical Harmony approved. And I love their product so much! It transformed my teeth completely.”

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