Sonic-FX Charcoal Replacement Brush Heads (8-Pack)


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These replacement brush heads for the Sonic-FX® and SnapWhite™ Sonic Toothbrushes are made with soft, durable activated-charcoal bristles of varying lengths for gentle, thorough cleaning. You get four different colors, so you know which brush head belongs to whom!



  • Activated-charcoal bristles for whiter teeth and fresher breath
  • Gentle on teeth and on gums
  • Bristles of varying lengths reach deep to remove food particles
  • W-patterned middle bristles properly clean between teeth
  • Colored rings help family members identify which brush head is theirs
  • Pack of 8 brush heads
  • Only compatible with Sonic-FX® and SnapWhite™ toothbrushes
  • Available in black or white

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Black, White