The Pinky Electric Travel Toothbrush


  • Super convenient!
  • Cover it or mount it!
  • Quadrant Method Timer!
  • So pretty!
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An all-in-one everyday and travel toothbrush with wall mount/travel cover included!

The Pinky is the most convenient electric toothbrush in the market. Super compact with a very innovative brush head, it’s the perfect balance of power and softness. Even though it was designed to be the perfect everyday toothbrush for home use, it is also great for travel.

Not to be confused with the Quip toothbrush, it looks similar, yet The Pinky brush head and bristles vibrate significantly more, which means better cleaning. Also, it is so much easier to replace the battery by simply opening the cap at the bottom of the brush instead of removing the brush head. Also, the replacement brush heads are much more affordable!

Store the brush on the wall mount for easy access and to keep it off your counter, or use the wall mount as a brush head cover to protect the brush when traveling—sticks to most surfaces, like a mirror or wall! Or, you use the travel mount as a cover.

Feel the sonic vibration for better plaque removal and cleaner teeth! Get a thorough cleaning with the dentist-recommended Quadrant Method—the timer alerts you to switch to the next quadrant of the mouth every 30 seconds over a 2-minute total brushing time.