Deluxe Teeth Goldening Kit


The BRAND NEW Product by Snapwhite! An innovation in the oral care and beauty industry! Snapwhite is here to give you the rich smile you always wanted! Now you can have gold teeth in as little as two treatments in this Deluxe Home Goldening Kit! Yes! Finally, you can walk around with confidence knowing your teeth look to be worth tens of thousands of dollars!

Our formula uses 100% gold! We give you everything you need to Golden your teeth at home! Are you ready for a smile that says, “I’m rich!”



Product Description

The Deluxe Home Goldening Kit is our most popular home teeth goldening system. It’s guaranteed to give you a golden “bling-bling” smile, or your money back! Be the gangster you’ve always dreamed of becoming and take this city by storm with this safe and effective kit!

Quick facts:

  • Goldens your teeth up to 10 shades
  • 100% vegan-friendly, kosher ingredients
  • Includes enough teeth Goldening gel for 10-14 treatments
  • Dentist approved and recommended
  • Gels are made in-house, right here in the USA, by our team of professional Leprechauns.

If you’re looking to safely and dramatically golden your teeth at home, the Deluxe Home Goldening Kit is the best home teeth goldening product on the market. Get your kit today for a fraction of what a Dentist would charge for a teeth goldening treatment!





It’s a trap.

April Fools. 🙂