Dating can be rough and rejection can be hard to swallow. The success of most dates often doesn’t come down to saying the right thing or having an incredible number of similar interests but, rather your smile. Let’s back things up a bit.

So here you are, you’ve met this attractive person at the bar, a gathering of mutual friends or hell I don’t know an underground smurf n turf restaurant (that’s a restaurant owned by Gargamel and…well, let’s just move on). So you exchanged phone numbers and agreed to make a date some time in the near future. Look at you being all smooth! Nice work. 😉

Okay, you waited as long as you could before texting them and starting that flirtatious conversation that will ultimately lead to seeing if they want to grab some tacos this weekend. Why do you know that attractive person from the bar agreed to the taco date even though it’s not going to be on a Tuesday! You’re on a roll!

Fast forward to the date. You’re having a good time but you’re nervous because they’re not smiling a lot. But before you go making assumptions that they aren’t showing enough interest in you, make sure you’re showing enough interest. One word: smile.

No, not like that! Show some teeth when you smile! None of that passing stranger, closed-mouth smiling. We’ve all heard smiling is contagious and guess what…IT IS contagious. That’s right, if you would have just practiced your big welcoming and warm smile and put it to good use, your date would be going a lot better!

Don’t believe me? Have you ever had a really pleasant and easy-going person greet you with a smile? You naturally smile back and greet them with the same pleasantness (unless you’re a total a**hole, in which case I can’t help you). Yes, you might not be attracted to that person but for a split second your brain was tricked into feeling an enjoyable emotional connection. You can’t expect a home-run your first time swinging a bat so start small. Focus on making sure your smiling and get them smiling.

“But I have coffee stains on my teeth…”

“I’m a smoker and I don’t have the best looking teeth…”

“I’m not a wine snob but I love my wine and my teeth pay the price…”

Oh, so you just need to whiten your teeth and you’d smile more? I thought you had a real problem for a second. GET YOURSELF SOME TEETH WHITENING PRODUCT AND START HAVING BETTER DATES! Try our stuff, I hear it’s pretty good.