You might have a standard brush, an electric one or something completely off the wall but what does that say about your personality? Well, let’s break it down!

1) Standard Tooth Brush


There is nothing special about this brush. It’s as basic as you can get! The bristles are all the same white color and the handle in flat and one solid color. This brush is not a conversation starter and there’s nothing special of interesting about it. If this tooth brush were food, it’d be lettuce

What Does This Say About You?

You’re a simplest. You’re frugal and this is the cheapest brush you could find. You don’t feel the need to waste money on something fancy when this seems to do the same job for a much lower price. You just bought your brush, tooth paste and mouth wash for the same price your friend bought their new specially designed, ultra deluxe, cavity fighting, white booster brush for. You’re saving money for things that are more worth it in your opinion.

2) The Prized Cavity Fighter


This brush promises zero cavities and that’s exactly what you want. Whether you have a clean track record when it comes to cavities or you’re thinking it might be cavity season, you’re getting this brush. It has a curved and rubber-cushioned handle, which makes brushing more comfortable. All around you’re digging this brush and you’re not sure how the different bristles protect against cavities but you’re willing to take the product by its word.

What Does This Say About You?

You’re a worrier. Maybe not over the top but you often dwell about things are are out of your control. The best way to avoid trouble is by taking every possible precaution. Yes, this brush costs more than another brush that looks pretty much the same but on the off chance this brush protects against cavities better than the next one, you’re willing to spend the extra buck.

3) The Biggest Brush In Town


Bigger is better, right? Well, this brush head certainly is bigger that most others. This brush has those thick rubber bristles on the sides and that might be really important but not sure for what exactly. And wow, would you look at that there are like 5 different colored bristles on this thing and they all look strategically placed! This brush head even has a tongue scrubber on the back side and who in their right mind would walk around with a dirty tongue? Do people walk around with dirty tongues? Is my tongue dirty? Have I been kissing other people with dirty tongues?? Regardless, this thing looks legit.

Disclaimer: Not to be confused with the literal version of “The Biggest Brush in Town…”


What Does This Say About You?

You need something…more. You don’t over spend but you’re not extremely frugal by any means. You give yourself exactly what you need and never go overboard on material things. You don’t buy the biggest flat screen TV in the store, you’re only interested in the one that will fit in your living room. By the same logic, you’re not interested in the electric/battery powered brushes but you do want something special and different. This brush is just what you need, and maybe even a little more for extra protection for your teeth. You don’t need to live in luxury but you definitely want to feel like your tooth brush game is on point. It’s not about impressing others but making yourself feel good. Everyone deserves a reward every now and then right? So, you enjoy this purchase because you feel responsible about cleaning your teeth.

4) The Disney Princess or Superhero Brush


This brush has some cartoon character or two on it. Maybe it’s spongebob, Elsa, Spider-man, or what have you. It’s a basic brush with a kick-ass look to it, so what’s the problem?

What Does This Say About You?

How old are you, again? Psh, it doesn’t matter because this brush was on sale and who cares if it has a cartoon character on it? Also, you embrace your inner child and there’s nothing wrong with that! You’re looking to make a boring morning routine fun. You’re going to pick up that hulk tooth brush and shout, “hulk clean!” and then brush furiously because you’re an adult and you do what you want! You don’t take yourself too seriously and you’re an easy-going person overall. While other people claim to have grown out of childish things, you understand that getting older doesn’t mean having less fun.

5) Electric/Battery-Powered Tooth Brush


This brush comes with a charging stand and detachable brush heads. The brush has different brushing speeds and comes in different colors. It has flashing lights and promises a professional clean. Wow, the frugal guy is freaking out over this price tag!

What Does This Say About You?

You’re living in the future, the tech-age. You consider yourself forward-thinking and creative. Why would you use this old stick thing to clean your teeth when this one lights up, has a smart-timer and does the work for you? You don’t think you’re smarter or better than anyone else, but you do think you’re doing it right. This electric brush is the future. 10 or 15 years from now, no one will be using standard brushes. You’re not fancy, you’re just ahead of the curve.

I didn’t mention your tooth brush? I’m sorry, I just got tired of typing and felt I covered the majority. Please, forgive me and I’ll do better next time…or not, I’m only human.